Trials and Tribulations of MongoDB: Part 1

I decided to learn MongoDB after someone recommended me to use it for some data that I am working with at my internship. I also thought it would be a good idea because in theory, it sounds a lot better than dealing with the csv files I am working with for my dissertation research. Many people have a lot to say about their experience at a hospital or clinic on Google reviews or Facebook, and such data can be pain to deal with in a csv file.  Plus, I heard that MongoDB does pretty well with geospatial data.

Day 1 involved trying to install MongoDB on my computer. That took like an hour. I followed the instructions on the MongoDB website and it was smooth sailing until step 3 under “Configure a Windows Service for MongoDB Community Edition” in which I needed to “create a configuration file.” HUH? Thanks to most people’s friend, Google, I realized I needed to create a text file with some specified parameters(listed under step 3) and save it with the .cfg file extension. I tried doing that in MongoDB, but then I got a nasty message about not having administrative privileges in creating a text file. So then Google helped me out again, and I learned how to make a text file within one of the three command prompts that was open(I used the command prompt with administrator privileges). That probably took almost an hour, and I was done for the night.

On to Day 2, which was trying to figure out how to do the “Import a dataset” part of the MongoDB tutorial.  Well that took 47 minutes. I ended up not using the command that was listed in the tutorial, and I realized I made a mistake regarding the file extension in which to save the data. I thought I wrote the .json file extension when I saved the file and I did, but it ended up saving as .json.txt. My bad. Anyway, that took too much energy and yet again, I’m ending my night, right after I finish this blog post.

I’m sure MongoDB will be useful for me for me to know in the long-term, but I’m not going to lie. I am currently riding the struggle bus when it comes to learning it. That being said, I’m taking notes on my Github to help me out during this hilly journey to being competent in MongoDB.


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